Lost Souls Sanctuary

Lost Souls Sanctuary


Why Lost Souls?

If you've ever looked for a higher calling, a cosmic sign leading you to the path of enlightenment, well stop scrolling! The Lost Souls are in desperate need of your help, the time is now to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity, to truely make a difference. As we speak millions of Souls are floating around looking for ways to better their body counterparts so that they may gain passage to the good place. Before now, there hasn't been any technology to help, or even detect them! The engineers at Lost Souls Sanctuary have been working around the clock and have been able to communicate and converse with these souls. In talks with their hierarchy, a pilot program was established to help 9,999 of the most lost souls achieve passage to the good place.

So we call on you, to help our floating friends, cause we can all use some good karma, right?


Purveyor of the known, Glu has become one with the Ether channeling the Lost Souls into fruitful contracts so they may flourish in the afterlife. In his professional life, glu is a software engineer with past work in enterprise software and AI.

tw: @glu
Emperor of Culture, Clarissa captures the unique essence of every Lost Soul into rgb flavored masterpieces, emboldening them to flourish in the afterlife. Clarissa is a full-time Biology student and self-taught traditional and digital artist with a passion for gifting Lost Souls physical appearances that express the spirit of their previous lives.

tw: @clarysoul
The Duke of Sanctuary, CI sets the rules of the road, holding the lantern steady to guide the Sanctuary elders down the straight and narrow for the good of the souls. CI has experience building communities and majored in Business Management & Manufacturing Engineering, bringing an unwavering approach to making the sanctuary a place every Soul desires to reside.

tw: @CryptoInfluence

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